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Teacher History

Born in Shanghai in 1939, the late Dr Shen Hongxun began to study Taichi at the age of 11. He was soon taken as a student by Professor Yao Huanzi, a Taiji Grandmaster and Buddhist and one of the most influential teachers in Dr Shen's life. He did go on to study a variety of other systems with different Masters, though the next real big influence came when he met Lama Fahai, a Chan Buddhist and Dzogchen teacher; and whom gave to Dr Shen his spiritual name, Lama Fure. 

Dr Shen's teachings were a direct development and evolution of the lineages within which he was taught and vital for the continuing transmission of these profound energetic systems, healing modalities and rich spritual practices.


Professor Yao Huanzi

Lama Fahai

Dr Shen Hongxun

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