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About Taijiwuxigong

Taijiwuxigong, a form of Qigong, is a self-healing system that is rooted in the Buddhist, Taoist and Chinese medical traditions. It uses specific exercises to integrate the body, breath, Yuan (vital) Qi and the mind to promote good physical health, a greater clarity of mind and a deepening of compassion towards ones self and others. This form of cultivation was believed by the ancient Taoists to be a natural path towards happiness and well-being, as through consistent daily practice one integrates Tian (Heaven), Qi (life force) and Di (Earth) qi within the body.

A complete Qigong system, it uses a variety of moving, standing, sitting and lying down exercises that combine with breath, sound and mental concentration techniques. These methods focus on activating the DanTian (the main energy centre of the body), correcting postural alignment and awakening one's sensitivity to natural spontaneous movements, the body's innate wisdom to heal itself.

Taijiwuxigong has proved effective in treating and supporting a variety of chronic and acute health conditions and can be adapted to suit all ages and states of health. All are welcome.

There are a variety of evening classes, workshops and residential courses available throughout England, Portugal and Spain.

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