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What is Buqi Healing?


Buqi is a form of Qigong healing developed by the late Dr Shen Hongxun. The name is formed of two Chinese characters, Bu which means 'to give' and Qi which refers to energy, of which there are many forms. Dr Shen discovered through his own practice and teachings of TaiChi Chuan and Qigong, that these profound methods of Qi cultivation could also be applied to help heal others, with particular emphasis on postural correction and treating emotional imbalance. This became the basis for the development of his double vicious circle theory, which sees the relationship between body posture and emotion as the major cause of disease, and the reversal of this being an effective method of treatment.

Working through the transmission of energy from the Buqi practitioner, the treatment aims to break this cycle by expelling BinQi (sick factors) while promoting the Yuan Qi (vital energy). Treatment also focuses on educating the patient by teaching exercises that will help support health and bring change to dysfunctional postural, emotional and mental habits.

Andy, a family student of Dr Shen Hongxun, applies an integrative approach to Buqi drawing on his experience of over 30 years of working with patients and students. He holds regular clinics for Buqi treatments in London & Bristol in the UK, Lisbon in Portugal and Oviedo in Spain. Treatments generally last 45 minutes. Please contact us for more information, or to book an appointment.

Buqi healing treatment



"There is no doubt in my mind the Buqi with Andy has been critical in treating my back pain and movement difficulties. It has also improved most aspects of my well-being." - JG

"I have been learning from Andy for over 16 years, during that time he has helped me physically and psychologically. He has always been very generous, patient and compassionate and I value his presence in my life immensely."


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