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The practise of meditation is a discipline that can help bring balance and health to the body, energy and mind. As we become familiar with any meditation practise and stabilise its principles into our every day lives, we begin to naturally gain deeper insights into a more authentic sense of Self.

Andy's meditation teachings draw from a variety of methods and techniques from over 30 years experience in the field. He has,  through his own personal practice and in his work as a teacher, developed a deep understanding and inner connection with both the Buddhist and Taoist methods. Specifically, of the Chan Buddhist and Bodhisattva paths, as well as the Dragon Gate school in Taoism. He had the great privilege of having studied these methods with the late Dr Shen Hongxun of which you can read more in Andy's personal profile and Teachers page.


Andy offers meditation retreats throughout the year, giving students the opportunity to enter more deeply into their own experience of an increased self-awareness, emptiness and compassion.  Each retreat aims at, not only the focus of the mind, but also integrates the other aspects of body, emotion and energy (Qi). With all these principles in mind, the retreats involve a combination of standing, moving and sitting exercises as effective methods of meditation. The retreat environment, over a period of a few days, allows the practitioner the time to work within a dedicated setting under the support of Andy's guidance, and so offering the chance to really deepen into the teaching.

For more information about meditation retreats in the UK, Portugal and Spain. All are welcome.

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