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Andy Henry


A well established teacher and healer, Andy has studied within a variety of disciplines and alongside different teachers from the healing, martial and spiritual traditions of the east and west since the mid-1980s. He was a family student of Dr Shen Hongxun with whom he received extensive training in Taijiwuxigong, Taiji 37, Buqi and a number of meditation systems from him since 1990, and has had permission to teach these systems since 1995. During the course of his training he also received a qualification in Shiatsu and has an understanding of acupuncture and western herbal medicine.

Andy's own journey has greatly influenced his teaching and he has devoted himself to integrating these profound principles within his own life and to the life of his students. He is known for his clear teaching style and inherent ability to transmit the essence of that which is being taught, so that a direct and deep understanding can be gained by the student. Over the course of the 30 years he has been teaching, Andy has set up and runs many groups and healing clinics throughout England, Spain and Portugal, teaching a variety of evening, weekend and residential courses.


For more information about Andy's 2023 schedule.

For more information about Andy's online 2023 schedule.

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