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Upcoming Events

Term starts with the Online Meditation Retreat 26 -30 May

Stillness and Light, the Way of the Heart 26 -30 May (Portuguese and Spanish translation available)


All classes, clinics and workshops are offered free to support students in the current situation.


If you would like to make a donation for running costs and upkeep it will be appreciated. When you book your place in the classes, clinic or workshops Amyas will include information on bank details, or you can click here to get a link to donate via PayPal.


Please email Amyas on: for all online bookings and other admin enquiries.


A profound self-healing system working on body, energy and mind. Leading to a deeper sense of health, vitality and mental clarity.

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Workshops, Classes & Retreats 2020

A variety of evening, weekend and residential courses throughout England, Spain and Portugal.


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Andy Henry

Andy Henry is a well established teacher and healer.

A family student of Dr Shen Hongxun, he currently teaches Taijiwuxigong, Taiji 37, Buqi and different meditation systems.

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