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Online Classes, Workshops & Retreats 2020

 Online evening Classes on Tuesday evenings  

The Tuesday evening online class will carry on as usual throughout April and May apart from Tuesday 26th May when it will not happen because the Retreat is beginng the next day and Andy needs to make preparations. The evening class will be back as usual from Tuesday 2 June. Contact Amyas at for all online bookings including the online Clinic and all other admin enquiries.

Online Meditation Retreat 27-31 May

Stillness and Light, the Way of the Heart

The Essence of the Work
In this year's retreat we carry on with the work of integration from last year.
First we try to find the experience of our stillness (our empty essence) and try to get a little more stable in that experience. As this stability develops so does the energy or light  that comes out of this emptiness. Both our stillness and light are different types of our energy or our Qi.

As we experience our light (all our active forms of Qi) we try to learn to work a little better with it .. to develop our awareness of what that light shows us about ourself, the world we live in, and to integrate with that. This is the Way of the Heart.

How we practise
We use a variety of standing, moving (daoyins) and sitting exercises to let go of our tensions while at the same time to activate and develop our energy, especially our vital energy called Yuan Qi. The daoyins are a mixture of mental focus, postural structural work and spontaneous reaction and movement. As we practise them our tensions lessen (called Bin Qi or negative factor) and our Yuan Qi develops. For some students cathartic emotion release can happen in these stages. As we work with this we start to understand more about our Energy body and how this connects to our perception, our emotions and our thoughts.

The Energy body includes the energy channels (meridians) and the chakras (energy centres or dantians) as well as the phenomena of light that can extend beyond the physical body and our relationship to that. Developing our external Qi (kong jin) is very important in this process. It is here that we have the possibility to see the connection between our thought, emotion and energy and how that comes out into our physical reality. Compassion is a natural expression of this light within ourself and provides both a path and a guide in our work here.

To support this work we also study the different chakras (energy centres or dantians) and their function and role, both positively and negatively and the different types of Qi involved. We also study the subject of QI or energy and how this relates with our Stillness and Light and its relationship to our Heart and Compasssion.

The Aim and Fruit of the Work
Building a stronger energy body results in an improvement in the health of our physical, emotional and mental aspects. This is a first stage in the development of our Compassion where our work for our health enables a greater health, freedom and clarity of body, energy and mind. This in turn gives the chance for a natural lack of worry and fear for self and so the basis for Compassion for others. This is the basis for working with the large channels and their connection to our anger (attachment to what we dont want), jealousy (attachment to what we want) and fear and how to improve how we are with those experiences.

As this basis develops and our Yuan Qi becomes clearer, we can see this benefit in both our practise and our everyday life. As we become more stable in the meditation practises (usually after a few days of the retreat most practitioners experience this ease and comfort in their meditation) this becomes a practise for how we are in ourself in the everyday life and our relationship with ourself and others.

For experienced practitioners we deepen our stability in the experience of stillness and light and as our fear gets less and our compassion for others develops more, we work with this developing Energy body in the upper levels of this practise.

At the same time the Retreat environment is an excellent opportunity to spend more time with the teacher and benefit from their personal practise, understanding and healing function.



This years retreat will be online due to the current world situation. The retreat will be taught in English but Spanish and Portuguese translation will be available. When you register you will be given some pointers on how to try to create a retreat environment while working with the online connections and teaching. 



​To save your place on the retreat please email Amyas Doulton on You will r​eceive a link and password to join the online teachings and practises.


Timetable (All times in UK BST)


Wednesday  27th May     1530-1700     1930-2030

Thursday      28th May     1000-1200     1500-1700     1900-2000

Friday            29th May     1000-1200     1500-1700     1900-2000

Saturday       30th May     1000-1200     1500-1700     1900-2000

Sunday          31st  May    1000-1200     



All teachings are offered free as support in the current situation. However if you would like to make a donation you will be given information on how to do that on registration.

Online Workshops in June

As the current situation is still continuing, Andy will be scheduling three online workshops in June for study and practise of Taijiwuxigong. One for the UK, one for Portugal and one for Spain. They will have a limit on places (50 for each) and translation will be available for the Portuguese and Spanish workshops. For European students (those in France, Germany, Switzerland or elsewhere you are welcome to join any of the workshops).

Portugal : Saturday 13 June 
Spain      : Saturday 20 June
UK           : Saturday 27 June

You can save your place by emailing Amyas on

All workshops are offered free to support students in the current situation. Information on how to make a donation for running costs and upkeep is given on registration.

Although Andy hopes that the various restrictions to normal living are lifted very soon if they carry on at their current level Andy will announce more workshops for July soon.

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